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The Cherry Blossom Mountain,Yoshino 桜の吉野山

 Precious Pink  Cherry blossom is said “Sakura” in Japanese. Sakura was said just Hana ,means flower ,in ancient Japan. It means Sakura has been the most beloved flower in this country.After the massive earthquake hit north-east Japan March 11, blooming … Continue reading

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Cherry Blossom Month 桜の季節

The Sakura time has come . Under blooming cherry trees , people are drinking , eating , chattering  and laughing with  close people. Such scene is a little bit odd for foreign people .But this is the traditional custom which is very popular way to enjoy spring in Japan. People … Continue reading

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Demon has come with spring,Yakushi-ji Temple 春と一緒にやってきた鬼。薬師寺の鬼追式

What’s the name of demon in your country? Japanese demon is called ‘Oni’.They  often appear in traditional performances and folktales.In most of stories,as Gods or heroes beaten them and force them to have good mind,people harvest more,live healthier and the … Continue reading

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