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Bamboo Pasta 竹の子パスタ

It’s a bamboo shoots food week in my home.Our dinner dish tonght is pasta !  Other ingredients are dried bonito,onion, bracken and spinch. Advertisements

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Bamboo Shoots Harvest in Asuka 竹の子の収穫 明日香

Do you eat it in your country ? Bamboo shoots are popular ingredients of spring food in East Asia. I wonder if you eat them in your country or how. Though they are as expensive as 1,000 yen(about US$85) per one … Continue reading

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Invitation of Peony ,Hase-dera Temple 牡丹の招待状 長谷寺

Flower Leads to Prayer “Flowers are the invitation from temples.” I don’t remember it well, but a copy like that on an advertisement of a travel firm probably wanted to say that flowers in bloom at temples will promote people … Continue reading

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Trail for Easy Hikers “Yamanobe-no-Michi”  イージー・ハイカーに最適。山の辺の道

Country road, 1 hour from Osaka or Kyoto I recommend you hiking in Yamanobe-no-Michi Trail , if you need natural and ordinary Japan’s local area view after spending time in Osaka or Kyoto.It takes about 1 hour from Osaka  city … Continue reading

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