Trail for Easy Hikers “Yamanobe-no-Michi”  イージー・ハイカーに最適。山の辺の道

I hiked with a group including a pregnant friend in April

Country road, 1 hour from Osaka or Kyoto

I recommend you hiking in Yamanobe-no-Michi Trail , if you need natural and ordinary Japan’s local area view after spending time in Osaka or Kyoto.It takes about 1 hour from Osaka  city center and 20 minutes from Nara city center. This trail runs north to south in east side of Nara basin for about

an old signpost

 16km.200,000 people visit to hike the trail which is consist of road for farmer,foot path between rice fields,trail for animals and ordinaly road for residents. Though it’s not a trail that includes magnificent natural views, rare plants and animals, I mean it is not like Natural World Heritage area at all,many people love this trail. Why? There are 3 big reasons.

Japan’s  Oldest Highway

The first reason is that you might sence the ancient history of Japan.The trail is considered the oldest highway which is found in “Nihonshoki”,Japan’s first official clonicle, and “Kojiki”,Japan’s oldest history book.When you walk though the trail,you can find huge tombs in which ancient kings and big clans are buried. And a myth that a girl of famous clan ran through the trail with grief after learning death of her boy friend is handed down from generation to generation. Moreover stone monuments into which is carved poem sung about lovers and gods lived around Yamanobe-no-Michi by ancient poets are standing here and there.

a camellia fallen in Yatogi Shrine

 Pure Countryside Scenery

 The second reason is beautiful scenes. As Yamato Aogaki Quasi National Park includes Yamanobe-no-Michi, and architectures , advertisements, logging woods and digging ground are strictly regulated , pure countryside scenery with small rice fields , copse and trees of persimmon, mandarin orange, plum are maintained.

4 mandarin orange sold for 100 yen at unattended shop

 Train is runnig parallel

 16km ,from St.Tenriis to St.Sakurai or Sakurai to Tenri, is not so long to hike while visiting to spots such as temples and shrines for one day. But if you have only a half day for hiking or are not confident of over 10 km walk, this trail answers your needs. Because JR(Japan Railway) Man’yo-Mahoroba line is running parallel with the trail, you can go in and out of the trail

english guide is also written in current signpost

wherever you want.For example, when you start fromTenri or Sakurai station and want to walk 8 km ,Tenri Trail Center ,a rest station for hikers, is the useful facility because it’s just the middle point of the trail and  JR Yanagimoto Station is 10 minutes by walk from here.

 This is the best place to breathe purely and walk slowly apart from urban area.


banboo tunnel slope paved with stone











About kojiyoshimoto

Born in 1979 and grew up in Nara.Working for a city hall in Nara prefecture after 3 years carrier as an editor of design magazine in Tokyo. Hope my posts you inspire to go abroad to Japan!
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