Bamboo Shoots Harvest in Asuka 竹の子の収穫 明日香

Bamboo shoots."Takeno-ko" means child of bamboo in Japanese.

Do you eat it in your country ?

Bamboo shoots are popular ingredients of spring food in East Asia. I wonder if you eat them in your country or how. Though they are as expensive as 1,000 yen(about US$85) per one which are sold at grocery store from April , such soft and savory ingredient has been loved. We usually boil or fly them. Tempura is also nice.


fried noodle !

Harvest in tiny grove.

My parents have tiny grove of bamboo in Asuka village in Nara.When the season comes, he calls me to harvest them. The other day my father and I dig out about 10 bamboo shoots in the grove by a shovel , then my mother  pared sheaths of them  and my wife learned it while taking pictures. My mother boiled them for 1 hour to remove bitter taste using rice bran. Since then my wife have been cooking bamboo shoots food.


It is tough for even two man dig it out.



日本料理や中国料理では、竹の子は春の旬の食材としてよく使われる。東、東南アジア以外の世界の地域では料理に使うのだろうか? 日本では4月ごろに売り出される。大きいものだと1本1000円近くもする高級食材だが、あの柔らかくて香ばしい食材は、天ぷら、煮物、炒め物など、季節の味として昔から日本で親しまれている。


quick pareing !



bamboo shoots ,cabagge and pork fried with miso sauce


bamboo shoots and seaweed soup


pictured by maicco


About kojiyoshimoto

Born in 1979 and grew up in Nara.Working for a city hall in Nara prefecture after 3 years carrier as an editor of design magazine in Tokyo. Hope my posts you inspire to go abroad to Japan!
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