Rice Crops Tell Season 稲で季節を感じる

rice crops

Rice field tells me the change of seasons because it always close to
us. People living in East Asia and South-East Asia eat rice as their staple
food. Have you found rice field vies when you travel in these areas? Such views
in countryside between big cities often make me relieved. But the number of harvest is different in areas. In Japan, it’s onlyonce compared with 3 times in Bali. We plant it in spring and harvest it in autumn. So phases of rice growing make us know the change of seasons. Now it’s between summer and autumn. Rice crop will grow up perfectly soon. Autumn of harvest will come soon.

田んぼは、いつも身近にあって、季節の移ろいを教えてくれる。 東アジアや東南アジアの人々は、「米」を主食として食べる。旅行をしていても、都市から少し郊外に出て田んぼの風景を見つけ、懐かしさを感じることがよくある。 地域によって収穫回数は違い、バリ島では3回だけど、日本では1回だけ。日本では春に植えて秋に収穫する。1年に1度だけ実がなるから、その成長具合を見て、季節の移り変わりを感じることができる。 今は夏と秋の間。もう少しで一人前。もう少しで実りの秋だ。

there are countless small rice fields in Nara

lunch in CAFE AIDA in Narayama-street


About kojiyoshimoto

Born in 1979 and grew up in Nara.Working for a city hall in Nara prefecture after 3 years carrier as an editor of design magazine in Tokyo. Hope my posts you inspire to go abroad to Japan!
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