AIDA CAFE&REST in Nara 森の小径とメンチカツ

woods tunnel entrance

There is a restaurant I want to take my friends when they come to Nara.

Green Entrance

The restaurant is surrounded by woods. You pass through a grove tunnel before you stand at the door. Even though the entrance of tunnel is so narrow that you could touch woods if you stretch your arms, it’s a little spacious inside. High trees, low trees, climbing trees, plants and flowers form a small copse. Although you might feel like looking at leaves there, paving stones lining up force you to move forward. But breathing in green for a while calms you down.




most of furnitures are made of woods (photo by maicco)

Natural interior

Tables and chairs are different in shape and size.There are some round tables near the entrance door, A big wood board in the center, table facing outside woods for sitting side by side, an oval one on the floor which is one step lower and Japanese style room that you take off shoes for family with small children in one inner corner. The interior looks like natural woods and land form changing themselves to furniture and floor.



today's lunch ¥1050 (US$14) photo by maicco

Lunch makes you smile

After we ordered a lunch, they brought water filled in glass and chopsticks with small leaf picking from a wood outside as a chopsticks rest. After a short time, lettuce salad with a sliced balsam pear and pumpkin was served. On a square wooden tray, a bowl of steaming rice, miso soup with potherb mustard, fried egg like quiche shape and miso-dengaku of radish and konnyaku were set. Moreover,a deep fried mince much ketchup dripped as a
main dish was brought. Although materials and foods are not special but very familiar to us, the dining table was shining because of fresh vegetables and comfortable table wares made of wood, glass and ceramic. And I was glad to face large serving of rice for men.


その日注文を終えると、ガラスコップに入れられた水と、林から摘んできた細い葉の箸置き、割り箸が置かれた。しばらくしてレタスのサラダが運ばれる。薄くスライスしたゴーヤとカボチャが彩りを添えている。四角い木のお盆には、ほかほかのご飯、ミズナの緑が鮮やかな味噌汁、キッシュのような形をした卵焼き、大根と人参とこんにゃくの味噌田楽。さらにメインディッシュのメンチカツがたっぷりのケチャップをかけて配膳された。 素材も料理も身近な家庭料理にでてくるもの。しかしまるでさっき家の畑からとってきたような元気な野菜や、温かみのある陶器とガラスと木の食器が、食卓を輝かせている。男にとっては何より多い品数とわざわざ大盛りにされたご飯が嬉しい。

climbing tree from a widow

Time after eating

You may drink coffee or tea after simple and luxurious lunch. There is a konara oak
tree you can see from your small window. ‘Stay here for a while.’  You might think so seeing a swinging thin tree.



flowers on the big borad table (photo by maicco)


AIDA is located along the Narayama-O-Dori street runs the length of Narayama mountain
with 100meters above the see ranging from east to west behind the Nara Palace Site ,The World Heritage. It’s recommended to go there by car.

10 min by car  from Nara Palace Site / 15min by car from Todaiji-temple / 15min by car from Akishinodera-temple





Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara


photo by maicco


About kojiyoshimoto

Born in 1979 and grew up in Nara.Working for a city hall in Nara prefecture after 3 years carrier as an editor of design magazine in Tokyo. Hope my posts you inspire to go abroad to Japan!
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