Tricky and Holy Animal in Bali and Nara バリの猿、奈良のシカ

sleeping deer in Todaiji-Temple


monkey in Uluwatu-Temple. just has snatched the hair tie and run away.

There are many legendary animals which are considered messengers of gods. But it is unusual that you can see and even touch them for real.

Monkey in Uluwatu-Temple in Bali and deer in Kasuga-Shrine in Nara are two of the rare locations.

Both have been believed holy animals by locals for a long time. And lovely and wild animal roaming closely around you is one of the tips which attract tourists.

But be careful. They often play a trick on you. Deers in Nara love paper so much that you have to keep book or map in your bag. As monkeys in Bali always get excited when they find eyeglasses, cameras and stuffs like that, it is better not to wear them. Actually a monkey who should guard the temple from bad influence has snatched the hair tie from my wife!





Nara Park (including Kasuga-Shrine and






About kojiyoshimoto

Born in 1979 and grew up in Nara.Working for a city hall in Nara prefecture after 3 years carrier as an editor of design magazine in Tokyo. Hope my posts you inspire to go abroad to Japan!
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