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Dog Day for Pregnancy in Obitoke-dera Temple 帯解寺で安産を祈る、戌の日。

Life is beautiful Life is a succession of something new. I got married 2 years ago. We started new and busy life in the first year. Although it was busy, we could enjoy it. In the second year, I accidentally … Continue reading

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Equinox,Pray,Lycoris 秋分の日、祈り、彼岸花

Autumn Equinox We offer flowers to our grave in the day when the sun set into directly west. The Equinox day is called “Higan-no-Chunichi”and 7 days adding 3 days before and after the Equinox day are called “Higan”. We place … Continue reading

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Wife and an Ancient Amulet 嫁さんと、古代のお守り

  A hospital  Two days after I have entered into a hospital , my wife came to my bed after she finished her work and said “I bought this for you !” It was an omamori(Japanese amulet) as big as … Continue reading

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Cherry Blossom Month 桜の季節

The Sakura time has come . Under blooming cherry trees , people are drinking , eating , chattering  and laughing with  close people. Such scene is a little bit odd for foreign people .But this is the traditional custom which is very popular way to enjoy spring in Japan. People … Continue reading

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Lovely Deers .

Nara is one of 47 prefectures ,which was Japan’s capital  1400-1200 years ago. It has 3 world heritage sites ,Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara ,Buddhist Monuments in the Horyu-ji Area and Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range .I’m trying  to … Continue reading

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