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Tricky and Holy Animal in Bali and Nara バリの猿、奈良のシカ

  There are many legendary animals which are considered messengers of gods. But it is unusual that you can see and even touch them for real. Monkey in Uluwatu-Temple in Bali and deer in Kasuga-Shrine in Nara are two of … Continue reading

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A Hackberry Tree in Asuka 明日香のエノキの木

The road to our elementary school was a part of a foot path along mountains.There was a big hackberry tree near a bridge.Steps on fallen-leaves of it made sounds like ‘kishi,kishi.’ There was such scene over the kid’s heads  20 years ago … Continue reading

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Equinox,Pray,Lycoris 秋分の日、祈り、彼岸花

Autumn Equinox We offer flowers to our grave in the day when the sun set into directly west. The Equinox day is called “Higan-no-Chunichi”and 7 days adding 3 days before and after the Equinox day are called “Higan”. We place … Continue reading

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Rice Crops Tell Season 稲で季節を感じる

Rice field tells me the change of seasons because it always close to us. People living in East Asia and South-East Asia eat rice as their staple food. Have you found rice field vies when you travel in these areas? Such … Continue reading

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Bamboo Pasta 竹の子パスタ

It’s a bamboo shoots food week in my home.Our dinner dish tonght is pasta !  Other ingredients are dried bonito,onion, bracken and spinch.

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Bamboo Shoots Harvest in Asuka 竹の子の収穫 明日香

Do you eat it in your country ? Bamboo shoots are popular ingredients of spring food in East Asia. I wonder if you eat them in your country or how. Though they are as expensive as 1,000 yen(about US$85) per one … Continue reading

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Trail for Easy Hikers “Yamanobe-no-Michi”  イージー・ハイカーに最適。山の辺の道

Country road, 1 hour from Osaka or Kyoto I recommend you hiking in Yamanobe-no-Michi Trail , if you need natural and ordinary Japan’s local area view after spending time in Osaka or Kyoto.It takes about 1 hour from Osaka  city … Continue reading

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